Why Floret?

Floret, through a well planned day care & pre-schooling program, provides working parents with worry-free work time. We realize the value of your need to lead a balance life between your workplace and family. At Floret, we assure you that your kid is in safe, caring and trained hands. From the earliest days of their life, kids deserve a well arranged environment to grow physically along with the development of other faculties like emotional, intellectual and social. Floret cares every child according to their age-needs and individual necessities. Our well trained team, infrastructural arrangement, distinct pre-schooling facilities ensure you that we are not merely to keep your kids for some hours but to bring them up with all supports to develop as human being.

  1. Pass quality daytime while parents are at work
  2. Learn through play & various activities
  3. Rest well, eat a variety to get balance diet
  4. In their play they find about material attributes (forms and color)
  5. Develop language through listening, writing and speaking
  6. Learn mathematics and logic. Ask questions, look for solutions
  7. Realize benefits of rules and discipline. 8. Practice etiquettes and manners Make friends.
  8. Socialize themselves by cooperation, tolerance and sharing
  9. Develop physically through running, jumping, playing etc.