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Day Care

In Chittagong, Floret Daycare leads the way to facilitate working mothers providing a safe and professional care. Floret offers a welcoming and caring environment for kids and families. Our well planned day care program provides you a worry-free work time. We realize the value of your need to lead a balance life between your workplace and family.

Here our kids grow physically along with the development of other faculties i.e. physical, emotional, intellectual and social. Floret cares every child according to their age-needs and individual necessities. Our daily activities also designed to teach kids self care and life skill like self feeding and dressing, brushing teeth, hand washing, potty training, self organization etc.
Our well trained team, infrastructural arrangement, distinct preschooling facilities ensure you that we are not merely to keep your kids for some hours but to bring them up with all supports to develop as human being. Generally we enroll kids from 12 months of age .Under some conditions 6 months also.

Day care Highlight

# Well trained and experienced team
# Child friendly settings
# Balanced staff kids ratio
# Free Pre-schooling(Age group 3-6)
# Age appropriate activities for toddlers and infant (age group 1-3)
# Furniture, utensils and play items are routine cleaned and sanitized



Stepping away from the traditional structured, teacher directed lessons, our enthusiastic mentors inspire curiosity and prepare a favorable environment for kids to learn through active exploration and interaction with adults, other children, materials and other surroundings

We have good teacher-kid ratio to keep an eye on each kid and to ensure maximum individual attention.

Floret believes in learning by doing. In our kingdom kids are not expected to sit down, to be quiet and to listen or to do paper and pencil task for long period of time.

We facilitate our kids to learn by using their innate five senses: touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight.

We nurture children’s socio-emotional development by using positive guidance instead of enforcing rules and punishment.

We are committed to expand our kids imagination, sense of wonder and build self-confidence in them.

Active Bee

Floret became the pioneer by launching the Active Bees, an activity center for the toddlers, age between two and three year. To our kids Active Bee is full of fun which is essentially a well throughout age appropriate developmental program for them either.

Kids generally grow haphazardly before they start their pre-schooling. Their major engagement has become mobile or TV screens. The must consequences of this screen mania are speech delay, aloofness, tantrum and other developmental delay etc. That’s why now doctors are commonly prescribing parents to lessen screen time. But parents have no better offer for their tots in a home arrangement. Usually they manage their kid with toys that also become ineffective when no one else to play with the tot. Our household interior and kid’s dealings are also discouraging to kid’s safe movement and play. Educationists say that in human life the first three years is the most crucial time for mental and physical development. Unfortunately our urban life is unable to provide toddlers friendly arrangement for our kids.

Realizing this very concerning, yet untouched, issue we developed the toddlers’ activity center where the tiny tots can spend time in planned activities every day. It evidently helps them grow socially, mentally, physically and ‘not the least’ emotionally. Kids here are keen to develop their language & expressions as they love to exchange and share with each other.